DILEMME - Research + Development 

Multiple phases in 2021/2022 - Vancouver, Canada + Montreal, Canada + Ottawa, Canada

Cory is overwhelmed by the world.

He just wants people to get along.

He wants everyone to agree on something.

What if he did a show where no one goes home until everyone agrees on one thing?

CAN WE AGREE ON SOMETHING? is a performance piece which explores the contradiction between our right for democracy and our need to co-exist in this ever changing world. 

The inevitable failure of this exercise will lead audience and performer through a series of naïve, funny, sad, and frustrating moments. 

Production // no comment. th(é)âtre + Théâtre du Bunker

Concept // François Bernier, Siona Gareau-Brennan and Cory Haas 

Performance // Siona Gareau-Brennan + Other actors