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May 23rd + 24th, 2015 - The Cultch, Vancouver, Canada. 

Presented at the rEvolver Festival w/ 2PAR4

So what does it take to make a play? If we strip away all the lines and words, the song and dance, the beautiful costumes and the elaborate set design, what’s left? Just a couple actors on a stage wondering what to do. Not simply actors on a stage, but humans. Humans exploring the notion of risk taking, by doing things they’ve never done or seen on a stage before. Through a collage of scenes, BALLS! creates an impressionistic view of what it is to take risks.

“BALLS! is an experiment in the experience of risk. It is a deeply uncomfortable, yet fascinating experience, that you won’t soon forget.”— Vancouver Presents

Balls - Poster.jpg

Production // Stages Theatre Co. + 2PAR4

Idea & Direction // Cory Haas + Gilles Poulin-Denis

Creation & Performance // Tiffany Anderson, Cory Haas, Chris Lam, Julian Legere, Caitlin McFarlane, Andrew Wade & Cathy Wilmot

Stage Management // Jennifer Stewart

BALLS Trailer #1
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