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September 5th-15th, 2012 - Studio 1398, Vancouver, Canada.

Naked Love, both written and performed by Tiffany Anderson and Cory Haas, explores the concept of exposing yourself, not just in the bedroom, but in the relationship as a whole. Let’s face it - baring your genitals is a nerve wracking experience. Baring your soul…can be even more terrifying. This honest and edgy show explores the complications therein. 

The show follows two main characters as they meet by chance at a party, and follows the peaks and pitfalls of falling in and out of love with someone for the first time. Naked Love is a quirky, raw and unapologetic, non-linear telling of two twenty-somethings experiencing their first adult relationship. Written from the heart from the two performers Anderson and Haas, partly autobiographical, Naked Love promises to deliver an honest and compelling story taken from real life events and experiences. From first dates, to first fights, to first sex, to boners, boobs, and queefs…this show uncovers it all and then some!

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Production // Babushcat + Stages Theatre Co.

Concept & Creation & Performance // Tiffany Anderson + Cory Haas

Direction // P.Lynn Johnson 

Trailers // Levi Hildebrand

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