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no comment. is an international company; we split our time between Canada, the UK, and the rest of Europe. We offer in-person coachings whenever possible. If we are not currently in the same place as our clients, we do offer Skype 1-2-1 and consultations. We will state the location of our workshops on their information pages. 


1-2-1 coaching for auditions and/or performance (stage, film and TV)


1-2-1 Skype coaching for auditions and/or performance

1-2-1 creative consultation suited to your needs (choice of monologue, advice, specific requests)

Creative project consultation:

  • If you need some an outside eye on a project, from dramaturgy to funding questions, and casting to creative support, this is for you!

Group masterclasses and/or workshops (on a range of approaches) 

  • If there is a specific masterclass or workshops you would like us to lead, please do get in touch. We have access to a range of practitioners. 


Special requests - please get in touch!



1/2 Hour: $30 (£20) tax included.
1 Hour: $45 (£30) tax included.
2 Hour: $80 (£50) tax included.

Skype coachings:

1/2 Hour: $30 (£20) tax included.

1 Hour: $45 (£30) tax included.

Creative consultations:

1/2 Hour: $25 (£15) tax included.
1 Hour: $40 (£25) tax included.

Creative project consultations 

1 hour: $75 (£45) tax included.

2 hours: $120 (£80) tax included.



Workshops prices vary - click here for info.

Masterclasses - Get in touch!

Capilano University students and alumni pricing:
1/2 Hour coaching: $25 tax included.
1 Hour coaching $40 tax included.

Please email us directly for alumni bookings. 

Accepted payments: Credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or Cash. 

*Client covers cost of studio rental, if they choose alternate location.  

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