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PEAU by Marie-Claire MARCOTTE 

staged reading

March 21st, 2018 - Landor Space, London, UK.

PEAU considers family dynamics in the face of trauma and explores how those consequences evolve from childhood to adulthood. Peau foregrounds the attempts we make towards resilience and the desire to live on. This striking new play which is set in a phantasmagorical, tragic, and zany world is not to be missed through Marcotte’s slick, biting and funny writing

The reading of PEAU took place during the Oh Canada! F(eh)stival Readings series. 

Production // Stages Theatre Co.

Direction // Cory Haas

Translation // Rebecca Davey

With Nina Bowers, Alexandre Gauthier, Justin Lenderking & Cathy Wilmot

Stage management // Becky Fitzpatrick

Photography //Max Curtis

Program // Click here

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