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SCANDI NOIR - Research + Development

May 31st-June 12th 2019 + July 5th- July 16th 2019 - Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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The Scandi Noir project is no comment's first major project. This idea coincides with our new mandate and seeks to adapt the Scandinavian thriller genre to the stage to dissect social issues against a background of murder and secrets. Taking its lead from such crime writers as Henning Mankell, Camilla Lackberg or Ragnar Jonasson, and from TV shows such as The Bridge or The Killing, this new creation will be an experiment in form. 

It is the first phase of the Nordic Highway Project - the birth of a creative network which will link Canada, the UK and Denmark in cross-country collaborations. Further projects to be announced. Riding from the success of the Oh Canada! F(eh)stival, we hope to generate enthusiasm for international creative networks which counter the growing individualisation of today's society. 

The research and development phase is in collaboration with the HIT LAB and the House of International Theatre (HIT) in Copenhagen, Denmark. We would like to thank Michael Wighton, Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen, and everyone at HIT for their support. 

For this project, we acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 

Pour ce projet, nous remercions le Conseil des Arts du Canada de son soutien.


Production // no comment. th(é)âtre

Concept // Cory Haas + Natasha Zacher

Research + Development // Members of the HIT LAB in Copenhagen - Hyo Cortzen, Serafina Cusack. Claudia Domenici, Lena Edvardsen, Constantin Gindele, Fjölnir Gíslason, Nynne Holmen, Candace Job, Nina Voit & Dawn Wall

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